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Welcome to Kozy Acres In the spring of 1981, after a couple years of planning, planting, and landscaping, the very first Pet was entered into Kozy Acres Pet Cemetery.  After years of establishing ourselves as an integral past of the pet after death case industry, (we've seen other pet cemeteries come & go) we spotted a nitch which hadn't been filled. Pet owners needed a cremation option that could be trusted. For many years pet owners were forced to put blind faith into so-called pet cremation services that were very well hidden from the public view. The pet cremation industry has been and is virtually un-regulated. This has allowed multi million dollars pet disposers or dead animal broker business to pose as actual pet crematoriums. The vast majority of family pets that were to be given proper, dignified disposition by a pet crematorium, were in fact handled by these disgusting disposal companies and dead animal brokers. You must demand in written from your pet after death case provider. That a pet destined for group cremation will not be resold, rendered, dumped in a landfill of mass incinerated. If you are paying to have your pets cremated remains returned to you, you must demand that your pet be cremated alone and you wish to be present for the cremation. If you are told that you cannot attend or if to do so an exorbitant fee is added, you must raised the red flag.
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